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  • How do I book an appointment?
    You can book an appointment with the therapist via call. However, if you have any other questions regarding structure, fee or if psychotherapy/counselling applies to you, you can drop an email or message.
  • Is online psychotherapy as effective as face to face psychotherapy?
    Psychotherapy via video conferencing has been found to be as effective as face to face. However, this does not apply to actively suicidal patients or those suffering from active psychotic symptoms. Tele-psychotherapy has been found to be less effective. Thus, tele psychotherapy/ counselling is advisable for those with less serious concerns.
  • What is the duration of a session?
    The first session is for one hour and involves history taking, initial assessment and discussion of a treatment plan. The following sessions are for 45 minutes each.
  • Are the sessions confidential?
    The sessions are strictly confidential and non-judgemental. However, if the patient is assessed to be of harm to self or others, the confidentiality clause is broken.
  • Will medication be prescribed?
    No. However, if the therapist feels the need for the same, the patient will be referred to the closest available psychiatrist.
  • Is this a friendly relationship?
    The relationship with the therapist is strictly ethical and professional and aimed towards treatment. If there is a breach in boundaries, the therapist is at liberty to terminate therapeutic alliance.
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