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Clinical Psychology

The field of clinical psychology is concerned with the understanding, prevention, assessment and treatment of maladaptive behaviours or psychological problems. Clinical psychology is a field of psychology that drew heavily from the biological, medical field along with the social sciences. The ongoing work of clinical psychology is to scientifically study all patterns of behaviour that are significantly away from the normal patterns of human behaviour and psychology. It continues to study and apply the diagnostics, therapeutic and preventive measures. A Clinical psychologist works in private settings, hospitals and within the community mental health teams. In community settings, they aim to promote mental health at the grass-root level in the form of awareness and improving the quality of life. The main aim of a clinical psychologist is to reduce psychological distress and promote and maintain psychological well being. A Clinical psychologist works with people of all ages experiencing mental health problems and even mental health problems associated with physical health problems. Some of these problems include anxiety, depression, adjustment to physical illness, neurological disorders, eating disorders, learning disabilities, serious mental illnesses, personality and behavioural problems and etc. The role of the clinical psychologist largely involves assessing the client using psychometric tests, interviews and observation of behaviour. This helps them to understand the emotional and lifestyle problems of the client, study their medical, social and family histories, how their thoughts, feelings, action and culture shape their lives and experiences. Furthermore, a Clinical psychologist works on devising appropriate measures of treatment, like therapy, counselling, advice, etc; therapeutic intervention for difficulties relating to depression, anxiety and a range of other problems in all age groups; counselling and supporting caregivers etc, providing consultation to other professionals; carrying on research in various health settings.

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