• Kabir Saraf

How to overcome Depression

Feeling sad is a natural emotional response to upsetting life situations. It is only when this sadness is prolonged and interferes with our daily living, like feelings of guilt, lack of concentration, sleep problems, changes in appetite, can we term it as depression. For more information, you can visit my page on Depression. There are some self-help measures that can be incorporated to overcome depression. The following points on “How to Overcome Depression” may seem rather ironic, as what you feel like doing least, are recommended. However it is important to note, that you take them up one by one in small measures, don’t overload yourself. 1.Work on Sleep Hygiene Methods: Try and get about 8 hours of sleep. Keep a fixed time of going to bed and a fixed wake up time. Sleep in light and loose clothing, in a quiet and dimly lit room. Avoid caffeine after 5 pm in the evening. Avoid television and use of laptop before going to bed. It’s important you avoid afternoon naps. 2. Get regular exercise: Leg movement is particularly helpful. Therefore walking, cycling, swimming etc are recommended. Start by taking small steps like avoiding the elevators, park your car a little far than usual, take a leisurely stroll with your partner or children, walk to the markets close to home. 3. Eat healthy and keep yourself hydrated: It is important that you do not skip meals and have well-balanced meals comprising of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. Include fresh fruits and nuts in your diet, they function as an excellent source of nutrients and detoxification agents. Drink ample water to keep yourself hydrated. Include important vitamins after consulting your doctor. 4. Socialise: You may find it hard to meet family members and friends, finding it quite a task. But people whom you trust can help you tide over these difficult times, like close family members and friends. Make it a point to socialise, you will discover that being around people helps you feel better. 5. Start doing the things you used to enjoy. Pick up a sport or hobby that you used to enjoy earlier. With this, your self-esteem and self-confidence will get a booster enhancing your sense of mastery in general. 6. Keep a tab on negative thoughts: Buy yourself a small journal. Whenever in a low or anxious mood jot down your thoughts and what caused it. Once in a better frame of mind, revisit that journal entry. Evaluate whether the situation can be looked at in a different manner, how would others you know look at the situations, were there other factors contributing to it, etc. 7. Try not being so hard on yourself. You are only human. Failures, mistakes, and losses are a part of your life and help us to grow eventually. Avoid self-statements that include phrases like; ‘I must/should/ought’. These put too much pressure and trigger expectations. A mere change in self-statements like ‘I will try’, takes off the load and helps one to function better in the long run. If you feel your depression is getting worse, consult a professional. Seeking help does not mean you are weak. Depression can be Treated.

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